Create. Make. Market.

10+ powerhouse inventors and entrepreneurs reveal how to create, make, and market the next big thing.

Discover how to take your purpose from prototype to profit with the world’s first online summit for inventors.

Our Mission

Don’t Go or Grow It Alone.
The snow fell without warning upon the man and the fire, and the fire was dead. Where it had burned was a pile of fresh snow. The man was shocked. It was like hearing his own judgment of death…If he had a companion on the trail he would be in no danger now. The companion could have built the fire. – Jack London, To Build a Fire

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a destination. It’s an arduous journey to a mountain’s icy, treacherous peak – a task that requires not only considerable resources, time and planning, but a team.

No one climbs Mount Everest alone, not with the dangers of natural elements, altitude sickness, and hyperthermia. You have to join an expedition lead by a guide, or in this case, an entrepreneurial sherpa, to lead you to the top.

Invent Summit was created to bring likeminded inventor entrepreneurs into a communal online space to ascend three types of inventor “base camps” toward their ascent to seeing their invention dream become a reality: Create, Make, and Market.

If you’re unfamiliar with mountain climbing, base camps are stopping points that provide mountaineers with important supplies to use while they acclimatize to the altitude.

Invent Summit’s mission is to see you to the top, not in one shot, but in three focused steps with our peers cheering you on.

What Is Invent Summit?

100% Free | 100% Virtual | 100% Can't Miss


Training| Implementation | Action

We’re not like other summits with so many sessions that you remain stuck in consumption mode never pulling the trigger on implementation. We’re fighting against shiny object syndrome by only letting you focus on where you’re currently in the journey.

1. Join an inventor base camp
2. Get one training daily for 5 days
3. F.O.C.U.S. (Follow One Course Until Successful)

Invent Summit was curated to GROW WITH YOU, so if you want to journey all base camps once you’ve acclimated out of one, you’ll get the details for that on the next page. We want you to be focused with other peers on your level until you’re ready to move up.


Listen to other entrepreneurs’ journeys to their million dollar ideas as well as the steps to protecting, vetting, and naming it.

Learn the trade of prototyping, outsourcing overseas, funding, scaling, and finding your perfect manufacturer here or abroad.

Study top strategies on dangling irresistible marketing “carrots” in front of licensors or building your own brand.


Invent Summit Is For Visionaries

This path will help you create a product invention, validate your idea, learn the legal startup route, brilliantly name your product, and show you how one sponge can make millions.
Aisha Sequeira
Aisha Sequeira

I’ll teach you how to brainstorm the perfect product idea from scratch.

Donteacia Seymore
Donteacia Seymore

I’ll teach you 3 ways to validate your idea and launch with confidence.

Joshua Walters
Joshua Walters

I’ll teach you how to lawsuit-proof your business and demystify legal.

Aisha Sequeira
Aisha Sequeira

I’m teaching you again on how to create a clever product name that lasts.

Aaron Krause
Aaron Krause

I’ll teach you how my sponge made a mind-blowing 150+ million dollars.

Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran
Investor, Shark Tank

If you have an idea, immediately move on it. To start that fire and get it burning immediately…it’s everything.

Invent Summit Is For Hustlers

This path will help you prototype your idea, scale your manufacturing, making money at any moment, get into retail, and show you how frosting failures led to big success.
Noah McNeely
Noah McNeely

I’ll teach you the insider secrets of successful invention prototyping.

Andrea Thomas
Andrea Thomas

I’ll teach you how to scale your manufacturing processes with ease.

Aisha Sequeira
Aisha Sequeira

I’ll teach you how to make money at any moment to fund your product.

Michael Yanez
Michael Yanez

I’ll teach you how to win over retail buyers and how to avoid Big Box hell.

Heather Saffer
Heather Saffer

I’ll teach you how to eat failure for breakfast with a food invention.

Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone
Author, The 10X Rule

Fast is the new big. Perfection is the killer to production. Perfection is basically a symptom of procrastination.

Invent Summit Is For Doers

This path will help you craft your brand story, get As Seen on TV, learn how to pitch to media, make a compelling product video, and how to take a homemade product to nationwide stores.
Anna Darian
Anna Darian

I’ll teach you how to use brand stories that not only tell but sell.

Carrie Jeske
Carrie Jeske

I’ll teach you how to get your product as seen on tv without flopping.

Cory Bergeron
Cory Bergeron

I’ll teach you the secrets of professional video marketing that produces sales.

Ky Trang Ho
Ky Trang Ho

I’ll teach you what pitches really gets media attention and what repulses it.

Gwen Jimmere
Gwen Jimmere

I’ll teach you how I got my product from farmer’s markets to Whole Foods.

Richard Levy
Richard Levy
Co-Inventor, Furby

The idea is about 10 percent of this exercise; 90 percent of it is the marketing of it, getting it together, getting it out.

Why Will This Blow Your Mind?

You Need Help. We Got Help.

#1 Reduce Learning Curve with Top Entrepreneurs

The average time it takes an inventor to bring a product to market is 3 years — don’t sacrifice speed to market. Each expert talk is like sitting down for a personal 1-1 consulting session. We have brought together top experts like the highest grossing Shark Tank entrepreneur of all time.

#2 – The Event is 100% Online

Attend the summit from anywhere in the world from your computer, ipad, or smartphone. No need to spend thousands of dollars flying to the event, booking your hotel room, and time away from your family.

#3 – Your Ticket is FREE for a Limited Time

Most conferences cost thousands of dollars. Each presentation will stream FREE for 24 hours — if you want to watch the sessions after the event, you have to buy the VIB All-Access pass. FYI “VIB” is a very important brand 😉

#4 – Advice Specifically for Inventors

This isn’t a gathering of service entrepreneurs, dropshipping folks, or life coaches. This summit is for inventors by inventors. We’ve streamlined the information to fit your dream and your dream only.

#5 – Find Your Business Tribe

Doesn’t a life coach seem to pop up every 40 seconds? Not so with inventors, it’s pretty hard to find another entrepreneur who created a product FROM SCRATCH and knows the trials and tribulations of IP protection, prototyping, and inventory.

#5 – Focused But Versatile

Invent Summit GROWS with you. Although you are limited to one FREE base camp path for a week, you will cross a point of growth and need more. We offer a VIB (very important brand) All-Access pass where you get access to ALL the trainings + networking opportunities + bonuses that will propel your business onwards and upwards.

Your Host

Brand Strategist + Patented Inventor

Hey, I’m Aisha Sequeira.

You have a brilliant idea that will change the world, but that’s not enough.

My mission is to help you avoid the mountain of entrepreneurial obstacles ahead with in-depth interviews from those who are already at the top in their industries.

These world-class experts are inventors, licensors, lawyers, marketers, and manufacturing experts. So if you’re ready to do the work, I’ll be your guide.

Need Inspiration? We've Got Just The Thing...

Perseverance Stories

Don't forget to pick An Inventor Base CAMP Below

Jessica Ross manufactures The Splash Baby, a one-size-fits-all splash guard that keeps the water, bubbles, and toys in the bathtub.

Mike Baxter manufactures The Popcorn Ball, a fun and convenient way to cook and mix popcorn anywhere, anytime, without spilling.

Karina and Jared Rabin manufacture the Hang-O-Matic, an all-In-one picture hanging tool that measures, levels and marks the wall.

Still Have Questions? Get Answers Below.

Got Q’s? Here’s Some A’s.

You Need Help. We Got It.

It’s an online, video-based event with 10+ expert interviews covering topics on three stages of the inventor’s journey: creating the idea, making the product, and marketing the brand.

Invent Summit was created to bring likeminded inventor entrepreneurs into a communal online space to ascend three types of inventor “base camps” toward their ascent to seeing their invention dream become a reality: Create, Make, and Market.

If you’re unfamiliar with mountain climbing, “base camps” are stopping points that provide mountaineers with important supplies to use while they acclimatize to the altitude. In our case, those supplies are online trainings, videos, and resources.

Listen from the comfort of your own home – the entire event is online. You’ll stream videos from anywhere as long as you have a phone, tablet, or computer. No plane, train, or automobile necessary!

Yes! Should anything happen, you’ll be given notice and ample time to download all of the material to your local drive versus us hosting it.

Only something that we’ve NEVER seen done before! During the live Invent Summit, you will have the opportunity to grab a real sandwich and have a seat at your desk. We then distribute special links.

Once you click on that link, you are transferred to a private room, or what we call “table,” where you are instantly video conferencing with peers over lunch!

Each virtual table sits up to 4 people, so you can get to know others on a personal level. If the live virtual lunch gets good feedback, we’ll have it every month.

The mastermind community is hosted in our private Facebook group.

In the VIB members area, there will be a link directing you to an intake form. We ask standard profile questions in order to pair you with the right person. We aim for complementary businesses, never direct competitors.

Once paired, all of your accountability partner meetings will be via Flock using their instant video conferencing feature. I’m sure you now understand why Flock is far more superior than a standard Facebook group.

Here’s What You Get You Purchase:

  • Lifetime access to 10+ expert session videos ($997 Value)
  • 10+ hours of expert sessions in MP3 format ($97 Value)
  • 10+ List Building School Action Guides ($297 Value)
  • VIB-Hive Mastermind Community ($997 Value)
  • Accountability Partner Pairing (Priceless)
  • 2018 Pitch Media Calendar ($297 Value)
  • 12 Motivational E-Books ($197 Value)
  • Special deals for business software and more ($500+ Value)


1. All Invent Summit Videos

Video Interviews (mp4)

Audio Interviews (mp3)

Action Guides (doc)


The video interviews I’ve watched are very informative. If I ever invent my own product & start a business, I’d know what to do.

2. Networking & Collaboration

Mastermind Group

Virtual Lunches

Accountability Partner


Thank you for connecting me with amazing entrepreneurs.

3. Resources & Tools

Media Calendar

Monthly E-Books

Little Black Vendor Book


THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Thank you! You have no idea what a confirmation this is for me.

Don’t Let Time Run Out!

Resources Specifically Curated for Greatness

Lifetime Access to ALL Summit Videos

We spent nearly 10 hours+ doing in-depth with the best of the best. Each interview is like having a 1:1 consultation with each expert…something that would typically cost thousands.

Private Mastermind Community

As a VIB, you get access to TWO community groups – a general Facebook one for all attendees and an exclusive one built on the app Flock for a highly-tailored experience.

Unique Virtual Lunches

During the live Invent Summit, VIBs will have the opportunity to grab a real sandwich, have a seat at their desks, and meet their peers via video conferencing!

2018 Media Calendar

Media pitching falling short? Journalists don’t care about the “who” but the “why?” This media calendar was curated with an entire year of relevant events so you can prepare your pitch now with why journalists should cover you then.

Lifetime Access to ALL Summit Video Audios

Always on-the-go or don’t care to stream interview-style training? Then download all summit audios directly to your computer or phone for the nomad in you.

Lifetime Access to ALL Summit Action Guides

If you learn best by reading, not watching videos or listening to audio, then the Action Guides are for you. They contain every relevant question in the interview with a timestamp and action tasks.

Accountability Partner

Every VIB has the opportunity to be paired with another complementary peer. You’ll meet on your own time, privately, within our Flock app workspace for the added ability of note-taking and setting reminders.

Motivational E-books

Every month, for 12 months, VIB members will get a free motivational, but short E-book with discussions available inside our private community…it’s the perfect book club!